The actor is Pedro Machuca and his name is Jose Machuca.

Pedro Machuca is a character from the hit TV show The Simpsons. He acts like he does not know what’s going on and has no clue.

He wasn’t Matias Quer, who plays Gonzalo Infante, but Ariel Mateluna, who plays Pedro Machuca.

In this regard, who is the Machuca director?

Wood, Andrés

Also, where can I get Machuca to watch? “Machuca” is now available to stream on Fandor, Fandor Amazon Channel.

Also, what exactly is Machuca?

Machuca is a staple of the Garifuna, who reside on Central America’s Atlantic coast and are descended from intermarried Africans and Carib Indians. Similar to the fufus of West Africa, it’s a sticky, delicious mash of sweet and green plantains wrapped into bits and dipped into savory soups.

What exactly is Machuca cuisine?

Machuca is a hot soup with mashed plantains, coconut milk, and fish as the primary components. Shrimp and conch flesh are often used. Plantains are traditionally crushed into a paste using wooden mortar and pestle equipment.

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What is the plot of the film Machuca?

Pedro (Ariel Mateluna), a poor kid from a poor family, is given a free ticket to an exclusive Catholic boarding school headed by Father McEnroe (Ernesto Malbran). Gonzalo (Matas Quer), one of the school’s wealthier students, takes a like to Pedro right once, and the two become close friends. However, as the boys spend more time together, the tumultuous social and political turmoil in their home Chile strains their bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the two main characters of Machuca?

Machuca is a story about two girls who are best friends. One day, they find a magical book that transports them to the world of Machuca.

Who played Pedro in Machuca?

Pedro played by Diego Luna was the main character in the movie Machuca.

Who is Patricio Infante in Machuca?

Patricio Infante is a Spanish footballer who plays for the Spanish club Athletic Bilbao.