Tim Hortons is a Canadian-based multinational fast food restaurant chain that serves coffee and baked goods. It has over 4,000 restaurants in Canada and the United States.

Tim Hortons is a Canadian quick service restaurant chain that specializes in coffee and doughnuts. The iced capp is made of coffee, ice, sugar, milk, butter, and vanilla extract.

Say welcome to the summer’s ideal Canadian beverage. Our Iced Capp® blended frozen coffee beverage, made with our trademark base and cream, provides that deep down, creamy cold flavor you love. Do you want something a little lighter? Try our Iced Capp® Light, which is prepared with 2% milk.

In light of this, what are the components of a Tim Hortons Iced Capp?


  • Tim Horton’s coffee, 1/3 cup brewed
  • a third of a cup of skimmed milk
  • 2 to 3 tblsp maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon caramel flavoring
  • 10 cubes of ice

One may also wonder whether Tim Hortons Iced Capp contains coffee. Cappuccino iced Tim Hortons’ iced cappuccino is probably their most popular beverage (after the double-double, of course). The small contains 90mg of caffeine, while the medium has less caffeine than a medium mocha. This is due to the presence of ice in this drink.

Is there an ice cap on coffee?

There is no coffee in Ice Capp; it is just a concentrated mixture of chemicals.

What is the calorie count of a Tim Hortons Iced Capp?

You’ll save 250 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 8 teaspoons of sugar by switching from a large (20 ounce) to a small (10 ounce) Tim Hortons’ Iced Capp Original (with cream) – not to mention a 20 minute treadmill jog.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the definition of an iced capp?

The Tim Hortons Iced Capp is a “blended frozen coffee beverage created with Tim Hortons trademark coffee and cream,” according to the company. The Iced Capp has been a fan favorite and a mainstay on the coffee chain’s menu since its inception in 1999.

What is the caffeine content of a Tim Hortons Iced Capp?

Caffeine Content in Tim Hortons Beverages

Beverage Small in size (10 oz) Medium-sized (14 oz)
Latte iced (flavors too) 40mg 45mg
Iced Cappuccino 110mg 140mg
Coffee, iced 95mg 125mg
Iced Tea 95mg 120mg

What is the difference between a Tim Hortons Iced Capp and a Tim Hortons Iced Coffee?

Iced CappTM is a brand of iced tea. Say welcome to the perfect summer cocktail. Our Iced CappTM blended frozen coffee beverage, made with our trademark base and cream, provides that deep down, creamy cold flavor you love.

How can I use my Tim Hortons rewards points?

Your Reward will be immediately applied to the most costly qualifying item in your purchase when you scan your digital card at the counter or in the drive-thru. If your order contains no eligible goods, you may claim your reward the following time you place an order that has an eligible item.

What exactly is a mocha iced cappuccino?

It’s simply a normal ice cap with a dollop of chocolate sauce on top, which is why it’s called mocha. It’s convenient that it’s the same price as a normal ice cap.

At home, how do you prepare a nice cup of iced coffee?


  1. 1 pound of ice (or coffee frozen into cubes)
  2. 1 cup coffee, refrigerated or at room temperature
  3. 2 tbsp cream, milk, or half-and-half
  4. 1 to 2 tablespoons white sugar, granulated (or simple syrup- see Recipe Notes below)

How much does a dozen Tim Hortons doughnuts cost?

A dozen doughnuts, which went up 40 cents from $8.99 to $9.39, a 4.5 percent increase, were the most noticeable menu item to see a price adjustment from Tuesday to Wednesday. The price of a half-dozen doughnuts increased by 30 cents, from $4.99 to $5.29, a 6% rise.

How much does a box of Tim Hortons coffee cost?

Menu at Tim Hortons

a cup of coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) $1.59 Small
a cup of coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) $1.79 Medium
a cup of coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) $1.99 Large
a cup of coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf) $2.19 Extra-large size
Tea is a beverage that is consumed in (Specialty or Steeped) $1.59 Small

Which beverage has the most caffeine?

The eight most caffeinated coffee beverages

  • Per 12 fluid ounce, 651 milligrams. Venti coffee from Starbucks.
  • 20 fluid ounce / 415 milligrams Large Coffee with Turbo Shot from Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • 20 fluid ounce / 395 milligrams Triple Latte from Shock Coffee.
  • 8 fluid ounce / 231 milligrams
  • 16 fluid ounce / 274 milligrams
  • 16 fluid ounce / 267 milligrams
  • 16 fluid ounce / 267 milligrams

Is there milk in the ice cap?

Cappuccinos are usually made with milk, whether it’s almond, soy, or normal. Tim Hortons makes its coffee using a Java mix, which is a pre-made combination of sugar and other additives.

What is the caffeine content in McDonald’s coffee?

Caffeine content in McDonald’s Coffee is 9.06 mg per fluid ounce (30.64 mg/100 ml).

What is the caffeine content of McDonald’s iced coffee?

Caffeine content in McDonald’s Iced Coffee is 9.09 mg per fluid ounce (30.74 mg/100 ml).

Is it true that ice caps are vegan?

Drinks that are cold

You can get a vegan Iced Capp at any Tim Horton’s that uses soy milk. Yes, you certainly can!

Green tea has how much caffeine?

Green tea does contain caffeine, despite the popular belief that it is inherently caffeine-free. The simple answer is that an 8-ounce dose of pure green tea typically has about 25 mg of caffeine. This is regarded as a moderate quantity of caffeine.

What’s the best way to prepare cappuccino?


  1. Steam the milk first. In a 2-quart saucepan, heat 1 cup milk over medium heat.
  2. Then, using an electric mixer, beat the milk until it thickens, increasing the speed as the milk thickens. Continue mixing until you get the desired froth volume.
  3. Make the coffee now.
  4. Make the cappuccino now!

What is the greatest Tim Hortons coffee?

My favorite iced coffee is mocha or hazelnut, and mocha iced caps are also delicious. If you’re looking for something hot, try a French vanilla cappuccino. Try an original blend double double if you like coffee ice cream; I like a french vanilla cappuccino with 2 milk.

What does an Iced Capp at Tims cost?

Today, for $2.99*, enjoy a Tim Hortons renowned Iced Capp and toast to 20 years of Iced Capp! Prices are subject to change depending on the area, as well as any relevant taxes. Tim Hortons® is one of the most well-known quick-service restaurant businesses in North America.

How much does a Tim Hortons Mocha Iced Capp cost?

Despite its primary focus on coffee, Tim Hortons has extended their menu to include a variety of other foods such as sandwiches, breads, salads, breakfast dishes, and more. Prices at Tim Hortons.

Food Size Price
Cappuccino Medium $4.40
Cappuccino Large $4.95
Latte Mocha Small $2.79
Latte Mocha Medium $3.29

What is the caffeine content of a can of coke?

People are often shocked to discover that the caffeine content of Coke or Diet Coke is much lower than that of a similar-sized cup of coffee. The caffeine level of a 12-ounce can of Coke is 34 milligrams, whereas Diet Coke has 46 milligrams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in a Tim Hortons Iced Capp?

The ingredients in a Tim Hortons Iced Capp are iced coffee, milk, ice, and sugar.

Are Tim Hortons Iced caps bad for you?

They are not bad for you, but they are not good for you either.

Is there coffee in Tim Hortons ice caps?


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