The Oakland Zoo has an excellent polar bear exhibit, but they need to step it up on the alcohol front. The polar bears are far too good at getting their hands on the beer kegs (they’re not fussy about what kind of beer, either) and it’s quite a problem for the zoo staff. Either they need to find some way to keep the bears out of the kegs, or the bears need to start drinking water. Alcohol is dehydrating; the polar bears would be better off with a glass of water than they are with another beer keg.

The Oakland Zoo is a well known animal attraction in Oakland, California. It is a popular spot for families, students, and the young at heart. It performs many different activities in hopes of entertaining its visitors and fulfilling their needs.

Last week we reported that there was beer at the Oakland Zoo. Yes, beer. For real. At one point in time, you could swing by the animal hospital and receive a complimentary growler filled with either a Belgian Pale Ale or an IPA. Now that the zoo has become a private business, the offer of free beer has been discontinued.

Bay Cat California Ale, a new beer produced by Ale Industries in Oakland, will support mountain conservation in the wild. “Having an Oakland Zoo ale is an exciting new opportunity for us, and we’re pleased to collaborate locally while helping our Bay Area wildlife,” says the brewery.

So, are we allowed to carry food into the Oakland Zoo?

Yes, you are permitted to bring your own food. However, we do not accept throwaway plastic lids or straws inside the zoo for the protection of the animals.

Is there a petting zoo in the Oakland Zoo, too? Oakland, California The Oakland Zoo, nestled in the Oakland Hills, is a Bay Area favorite, home to giraffes, elephants, lions, lemurs, and hundreds of other animals. This zoo is where it’s at, with a petting zoo, a gondola ride, a little amusement park, play areas, and, of course, furry pals.

So, what sort of creatures can be found in the Oakland Zoo?


  • Baboon Hamadryas
  • Bear of the sun.
  • Bison from the United States of America
  • Camel Dromedary
  • Chimpanzee.
  • Coati.
  • Deer called Sika.
  • Eland is a kind of eland that is found all over the world.

What days does the Oakland Zoo provide free admission?

Oakland residents 65+ receive FREE admission & parking to Oakland Zoo every third Monday of the month throughout the summer. The rest of the year, seniors 65-75 years from all over receive $4 off regular admission. Those 76 years young and older are FREE!

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What is the cost of parking at the Oakland Zoo?

Parking and Ticketing

The Oakland Zoo tickets are $20 for children (2-14) and seniors (65-75), and $24 for adults (15-64). Children under the age of two and seniors over the age of 76 are free. Military families are eligible for a discount. Parking costs $10 per vehicle.

What are the restrictions on what you may carry into the Oakland Zoo?

Yes, you certainly can! Visitors are free to bring their own food and utilize the picnic tables and chairs, stretch out in the meadow, or reserve one of our picnic sites in addition to the culinary choices available within the Zoo. The zoo does not allow alcohol.

Is it permissible to bring drinks into the zoo?

Is it OK for me to carry food and beverages into the zoo? The zoo does not accept outside food or drink. Bottled water, infant food, and formula are exceptions. On zoo premises, ice chests, coolers, and ice bags are prohibited.

How long does a trip around the Oakland Zoo take?

time frame: four hours

How much does the gondola trip at the Oakland Zoo cost?

First and foremost, a trip to the zoo for two people who drive will set you back $54 since entry is $22 per person and parking is $10. (While the Sky Ride, which takes you above the bison enclosure like a ski lift, charges $3, the gondola to the Landing Cafe is free.)

Is it OK to bring food into the zoo?

Allowable items include small coolers or insulated bags containing approved beverages and individual snacks. The Zoo reserves the right to search all bags and coolers. Guests are allowed to bring a single bottled non-alcoholic beverage and a single snack into the Park.

Which zoo is superior: Oakland or San Francisco?

The Oakland Zoo is superior than the San Francisco Zoo. The Oakland Zoo has a new Children’s Zoo area, as you can see from their website. On the top level, there is also a small entertainment area immediately outside the main zoo entrance. They feature a merry-go-round, a miniature railway, and other attractions.

Is there a ride at the Oakland Zoo?

The Oakland Zoo is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, and from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekends and holidays. The gondolas are free to ride with zoo entry and are available until 5 p.m. From 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Adventure Landing and its rides are open.

Is the Oakland Zoo worth visiting?

It’s fantastic for youngsters. A Children’s Playground! We spent a great day with our family at the Oakland Zoo, which is a great location to spend a day with kids. The Adventure Landing Bay in the Merry Go Round of Cars, Animals, and Planes was a big hit with the kids.

Is the Oakland Zoo home to sloths?

Oakland Zoo has a new album out.

#adorable! Check out these baby sloths from The Sloth Rescue & Sanctuary of Costa Rica. This unique facility has been rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned and injured sloths for over 20 years. Now they need our help.

What is the total number of animals in the Oakland Zoo?


Is the Oakland Zoo home to elephants?

Concerning Our Elephants

View the African Elephants at the Oakland Zoo in real time! 6.5 acres of grassy hills, trees, a swimming pond, and a mud wallow make up this elephant habitat. Our elephants spend the majority of their time grazing, browsing on tree branches, and foraging, much like wild elephants.

What is the size of the Oakland Zoo?

100 acres

Is there a panda at the Oakland Zoo?

OAKLAND, Calif. — Councilmember Henry Chang announced Thursday that the Oakland Zoo will be home to a pair of giant pandas for exhibition and study.

When did the Oakland Zoo first open its doors?


What is California’s finest zoo?

The San Diego Zoo is a zoo in San Diego is the finest in California, and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is also excellent.

In California, which zoo contains elephants?

San Diego Zoo

Is the Oakland Zoo open when it rains?

Because of the weather, the Oakland Zoo is closed. TIPS: How can you get back on your feet after hydroplaning? The San Francisco Zoo is still open for business. Outdoor food trucks, such as Curry Up Now in San Francisco, are now open for business.

How much does the Oakland Zoo cost?

Adults between the ages of 15 and 64 $24.00
Children ages 2 to 14 $20.00
65-75 years old $20.00

The Oakland Zoo is an educational and fun place for kids and adults alike. So, what is the Oakland Zoo without beer? I mean, the zoo has a beer garden and an ice cream cart, so it is reasonable to assume there would be beer at the Oakland Zoo. But, is beer really available at the Oakland Zoo?. Read more about restaurants near oakland zoo and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Oakland Zoo serve alcohol?

The Oakland Zoo does not serve alcohol.

Can you bring your own food to Oakland Zoo?

Yes, I can bring my own food to Oakland Zoo.

Does the Oakland Zoo have bears?

Yes, the Oakland Zoo has bears.