In a city with high restaurant prices, Wawa is a cheap source of sandwich fixings. With a self-serve snack bar and a variety of sandwich options, Wawa franchises are a great alternative for students and those who can’t afford a sit-down meal.

People love Wawa, but as a sandwich shop, they don’t always serve the best sandwiches. In fact, as a sandwich shop, many of the sandwiches Wawa offers are not really sandwiches at all. They are hot dogs. If you’ve never been to Wawa, you should know that all sandwiches are served on a roll that isn’t a bagel. And while some people love them, others hate them. Nevertheless, a person who hates a sandwich from a bagel shop should still buy a Wawa sandwich because it is a whole lot cheaper. This is a place where a “value” menu item is a hot dog, a “serving size” is a hot dog, and a “portion” is a hot dog. It

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Prices at Wawa

Food Size Price
Shortie Hoagie 6 in. $4.39
Shortie Hoagie 10 in. $5.59
Shortie Sandwich 6 in. $4.99
Shortie Sandwich 10 in. $6.29

So, how much do Wawa bowls cost?

Menu Prices at Wawa

Burritos for Breakfast   $2.99
Bowls for Breakfast   $3.19
Shorti Hoagie 6 in. $4.39
Classic Hoagie 10 in. $5.59

“At Wawa, we believe we exist to go beyond completing orders to fulfill the lives of our customers every day,” says the company. Customizable hoagie platters, fruit bowls, and salads are among the current catering choices, as are hot bar settings that let guests to construct their own Wawa favorites.

People often inquire about Wawa’s sandwich selection.

Sandwiches from Wawa, ranked

  • Sandwiches from Wawa.
  • The Gobbler is a kind of bird.
  • Hoagie made in Italy.
  • Cheesesteak from Wawa.
  • Meatball hoagie from Wawa.
  • Hoagie with cheese.
  • Hoagie with turkey.
  • Hoagie with egg salad.

What are the prices of Wawa Sourdough Melts?

For only $5.49, you may satisfy your appetite with either Classic Hoagie®, Sourdough Melt, or NEW Stacked Sandwich.

Answers to Related Questions

How much does a Wawa hot dog cost?

Prices at Wawa

Food Size Price
Burritos for Breakfast   $2.99
Bowls for Breakfast   $3.19
Shorti Hoagie 6 in. $4.39
Shorti Hoagie 10 in. $5.59

Is it possible to create your own salad at Wawa?

Only available in a few shops. Enjoy one of our wonderful freshly prepared salads for lunch, dinner, or a filling snack in between. Right from the touch screen, you may create your own salad or modify one of ours!

What does a gallon of milk cost at Wawa?

It should be included. We got gas at Wawa today for $3.23 a gallon, which was the lowest rate around, but I purchased a gallon of milk for almost $4, which I caved in to since I didn’t want to drive to the grocery store. The shop was spotless, and there were facilities available.

Is there a panini at Wawa?

Wawa’s Paninis are big, grilled sandwiches that are a nice variation from the typical Philly hoagie. A panini is made by pressing two slices of bread together and grilling them.

Is Wawa open for breakfast all day?

Breakfast in 2018 should last the whole day. If local Wawa doesn’t provide breakfast all day, there are certain essential breakfast items you may order all day to satisfy your need for a morning meal.

Is mashed potatoes available at Wawa?

Add one of Wawa’s hot, savory sides! Varieties include Mac & Cheese, Meatballs, and Mashed Potatoes. Available in small, medium, large, and family-size.

Is there a hot dog at Wawa?

Wawa offers a broad range of snacks, including small meals, fresh fruit, hot dogs, and more, all of which can be grabbed and consumed on the move.

Is it true that Wawa bowls are tasty?

2. Anything that can be served in a bowl. Everything from macaroni to hoagie bowls to chicken strips on top of everything is delicious. The great thing about the bowls is that you can substitute anything else for the bread calories, and there’s a lot of variety to boot.

Is it true that Wawa sandwiches are healthy?


HEALTHIEST SANDWICH: Shorti hoagie with oven-roasted turkey (510 calories, 14 g fat, 61 g carb, 34 g protein). VEGETARIAN SANDWICH WITH THE MOST NUTRITION: Veggie Shorti on Wheat (310 calories, 9 g fat, 48 g carb, 10 g protein).

What is the meaning of Wawa?

What is the meaning of Wawa?

What’s the best way to order meals at Wawa?

The following is how it works:

  1. Place your order via the app! Choose a pickup location, peruse the menu, then personalize your order.
  2. In the app, you may pay. Pay using your Wawa Gift Card linked to your account via the app.
  3. Grab & Go! We’ll start preparing your order when you get close, so your favorites will always be served fresh!

Is it true that Wawa is the best?

According to Business Insider, Wawa is the top convenience store chain in the United States. The term “insider” comes to mind.

What’s the best thing about Wawa?

The Top 10 Items on Wawa’s Menu, Ordered

  • Wawa is the EGOT winner of convenience shops, with parts deli, coffee bar, small market, and petrol station.
  • Baby carrots in teeny-tiny packages.
  • Wrap with chicken and Sriracha sauce.
  • Pinwheels of turkey.
  • Club sandwich with turkey.
  • The mac & cheese.
  • The chips and cannoli dip.
  • The coffee, of course.

When do Wawa’s Sizzlis cease being served?

The Sizzli sandwiches, which are available from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. every morning, are made up of perfectly seasoned sausage patties, proper white cheddar, a nicely soft, surprisingly tasty mini-omelette of sorts, and regional favorites like pork roll (low sodium dieters, don’t even consider it) and bacon.

Is EBT accepted at Wawa?

Yes, Wawa accepts EBT cards at all of their stores with a simple swipe. EBT can only be used for SNAP-eligible items, which excludes prepared or heated meals like hot dogs. EBT is accepted at many additional gas stations and convenience shops throughout the nation.

What do you have for breakfast at Wawa?

Enjoy a Sizzli® breakfast sandwich, hot and ready to go at the Register. Varieties include Sausage, Egg & Cheese and Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sizzli®. Available with Scrambled Eggs or Egg White Omelet. Varieties include Sausage, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Cheesesteak, and Veggie.

Is there tuna sandwich at Wawa?

Our selection of Built-to-Order® Hoagies & Sandwiches includes: Turkey, Italian, Roast Beef, Ham, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Veggie, Cheese, Pepperoni, BLT, Meatball, Beef & Chicken Cheesesteaks, and Breaded Chicken Strips. Available in varieties like Strawberry Banana and Peach.

Is there a 2 foot hoagie at Wawa?

Wawa Hoagies & Sandwiches. Hoagies Available in four sizes to suit every appetite: Junior Hoagie® (4-inch), Shorti Hoagie® (6-inch) Classic Hoagie® (10-inch) and 2foot Hoagie( sadly no longer available ).

Is it still possible to get a 2 foot hoagie at Wawa?

They have forms at the shops for these, and they must be requested at least 24 hours ahead of time. 2 foot hoagies are no longer available; the rolls were phased out to make way for in-store roll baking.

Every year, I have a sandwich budget. I budget for a good sandwich every week. How much should I budget? I have a few ideas, but I’d love to hear yours.. Read more about wawa milkshake price and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Shorti hoagie at Wawa?

A Shorti hoagie at Wawa is $3.99.

How much is a hoagie tray at Wawa?

A hoagie tray at Wawa costs $6.99.