The answer to this question is a little complicated. You can use the following table to calculate how many people a subway platter will feed.

The subway platter prices is a question that has been asked many times. This article will answer the question, but it will also include information on how many people can fit on a subway platter.

Typically, each sandwich plate serves 5–9 people.

How many subs are on a subway plate in this manner?


Aside from the aforementioned, how many people do party subs feed? Substitute for the party Our traditional 2-foot Party Sub adds flavor to any gathering and serves 6-10 people. Choose up to two deli-fresh sub types per Party Sub to make a unique lunch for your guests.

Also, how much do Subway party platters cost?

Prices for Subway Catering

Food Size Price
Giant Sub 24 ft. $399.92
Giant Sub 27 ft. $449.91
Sandwich Platters can feed 5 to 9 people.
Combo Platter (Classic)   $39.99

What’s on a Fresh Fit Subway Platter?

Subway Fresh Fit Platter* Featuring the VEGGIE DELITE®, Black Forest Ham, Turkey Breast, SUBWAY CLUB® and the Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham. Includes cheese and lettuce with all condiments, tomatoes and pickles on the side.

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What does a sandwich platter cost at Walmart?

Menu of Walmart Catering Services

Item Price
4ft Sub Sandwich $28.00
6ft Sub Sandwich $32.00
Small Pinwheel Tray 12″ $14.00
Medium 16″ Pinwheel Tray $24.00

What does a 6 sub cost at Subway?

They offer two sizes of sub sandwiches: 6-inch and 12-inch footlong subs. The 6-inch Subway sandwiches are inexpensive, but the footlong subs are a better deal. Prices on the Subway Menu

Food Size Price
B.M.T. (British Military Training) Six Inch $5.29
Marinara sauce for meatballs Footlong $5.29
Marinara sauce for meatballs Six Inch $3.99
Melted Pizza Sub Footlong $7.49

A Costco plate has how many sandwiches?

You can order a party platter from Costco! The options at our local Costco are listed below: Croissant Sandwich Platter (serves 16-20): $32.99. Chicken & Swiss Rollers (serves 20-24): $32.99.

How many people can a four-foot sub serve?

A four-foot hero can feed how many people? 15 to 18 individuals, on average.

How much does a Subway footlong sandwich cost?

The $4.99 footlong is a fresh twist on Subway’s famous $5 footlong. Five Subway sandwiches cost $4.99 as of January.

On a subway plate, how many cookies are there?

TO GO SUBWAY! A 6” or Footlong cold sandwich, 1 cookie, 1 side, and a napkin make up a TM Meal. Chips or apples are two options for a side dish.

Is there a fruit plate at Costco?

Fruit Platter Designs, Fruit Recipes, and Fruit Appetizers | Fresh Fruit: Fresh Fruit Tray Costco

Is it true that Costco sells meat and cheese trays?

Another Costco Party Platter to Try

The Meat and Cheese Platter costs $26.99 and feeds 16 to 20 people, making it an excellent value. Three pounds of meat (1 pound each of chicken, ham, and roast beef) and 28 slices of cheese are included (8 to 10 slices each of provolone, cheddar, and Swiss).

What is a Subway classic combo platter?

Cold Cut Combo, Black Forest Ham, Turkey Breast, Tuna, and Italian B.M.T. ® on a Classic Combo Platter. The Subway Club®, Roast Beef, Spicy Italian, Italian B.M.T. ®, and Tuna are all included on the Flavor CraverTM Platter.

For a 100-person gathering, how many sandwiches do I need?

a total of 120 sandwiches

What is the maximum number of sandwiches that may be served on a platter?

There are 56 quarters on each plate (14×4 sandwiches).

What are the prices of Jimmy John’s party platters?

Menu Prices at Jimmy John’s

Food Size Price
Party Platters Mix & Match Any Sub
Platter with 5 Sandwiches 15 Pc. $28.50
Platter of 10 Sandwiches 30 Pc. $56.00
Substitutes for Parties

What is BMT in Italian?

The B.M.T. stands for Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest, and is a reference to the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit system, which was a motif of the early Subway sandwich restaurants. Black Forest ham, Genoa salami, and fiery pepperoni are among the ingredients.

What does a Walmart party sub cost?

Catering Costs at Walmart

Food Price
4ft Sub Sandwich $28.00
6ft Sub Sandwich $32.00
Small Pinwheel Tray 12″ $14.00
Medium 16″ Pinwheel Tray $24.00

What is the procedure for Subway catering?

SUBWAY® Catering provides fresh, tasty food at a reasonable price that is always prepared to your specifications. In addition, we provide unrivaled convenience and client service. Ordering is simple and straightforward, and we have a dedicated Catering Call Center ready to assist and advise you in making your event a success.

What is the cost of a subway wrap platter?

Prices for Subway Catering

Food Size Price
3 ft. Giant Subs serve 10-12 people, 6 ft. Giant Subs serve 20-25 people
Giant Sub 3 ft. $51.99
Giant Sub 6 ft. $99.98
Giant Sub 9 ft. $149.97

On a subway platter, how many wraps are there?

Serves 8-12 people. Create your own plate by combining the following ingredients: There are 16 pieces in all, with up to 8 distinct wrap tastes.

Which Subway bread is the healthiest?

The 9-grain wheat, 9-grain honey oat, multigrain, and artisan flatbreads are among the healthiest Subway bread choices. These have a low calorie count, but more significantly, they have a low salt content, which is a problem with many other Subway breads.

A subway party sub is a type of sandwich that has been specifically designed for parties. It usually consists of bread, cheese, and cold cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many subs are on a subway platter?

A subway platter is a type of sandwich consisting of bread, sliced meat, and vegetables. It has been said that there are three subs on a subway platter.

How do I order a Subway party platter?

You can order a Subway party platter by calling the Subway restaurant at 1-800-SUBS.

What is a classic combo platter from Subway?

A classic combo platter from Subway is a sandwich that consists of meat, cheese, and vegetables.