After playing the first two games, you feel like you know the game pretty well. In fact, you’ve gotten pretty good at it. And then, one day, you decide to play Virtual Villagers 3 with your friends. And there are so many sharks! The sharks all swim around and they’re relentless! How are you supposed to beat them all?

In Virtual Villagers 3, new players are not only confronted with new dangers from the start but also a new feature which is known as the “shark”. The shark will randomly appear in any location and will eat any villager who is nearby. This can be frustrating, especially when you think about it long and hard. Now, I’m sure that most of us can come up with a fairly good strategy to avoid the sharks, but what about the new players? Should we tell them to just avoid the shark at all costs? Or maybe we should alert them to the fact that the shark is there and will kill them if you’re not quick enough?

This might be a unique question, but we can’t answer it without knowing what you’re trying to accomplish here. Is it to repair the game and make the sharks go away, or to get out of the game entirely? We’ve worked with companies in the past who want to fix bugs or remove intrusive adverts, but we’ve never encountered a request to exclude an entire group of players.


  1. Make a number of villagers consume the potion and then deliver the vials to the sharks. The sharks will be gone as soon as the first villager reaches the water.
  2. The ultimate outcome of getting rid of the sharks is the same, however the consequences on the sharks vary based on the faction.

People often inquire about how to utilize the elevator in Virtual Villagers 3.

When it started to rain, you had to pull your tribe onto the lift. Rain will flood the side of the lift with water, allowing you to ascend. Allow the tribe to climb to the top of the tree that towers over her/him. From the tree, a fruit will fall.

In Virtual Villagers 3, how do you acquire food? Honey is your first food supply, which you get after building a fire, lighting a stick, and soothing the bees in the hive. Your chief can make a tiny quantity of magic food once every 24 hours. Dropping your chief on the food storage container does this. Fruit trees and fish appear later in the game.

So, in Virtual Villagers 3, how do you acquire the pearls?


  1. You’ll see a white pearl emerge as soon as the statue is completed.
  2. When you drop them on the blue pearl, the Master Builder will take them to the lab.
  3. Request that the chief remove the pearl from the lab and deliver it to the big clam out on the ocean.

What’s the best way to defeat Virtual Villagers 3?

Guide to the Walkthrough

  1. Fire. Drop a villager on the dry wood on the pile near the beach (FYI, even if it’s pouring, this wood is always “dry”).
  2. (Puzzle #2) Obtain Honey:
  3. (Puzzle #1) Identify the Chief:
  4. Sow the Seed:
  5. Start with a Scientist, a Farmer, and a Builder:
  6. Reassemble the Laboratory (Puzzle #3):
  7. Gather Herbs:
  8. Prepare Potions:

Answers to Related Questions

In Virtual Villagers 3, how do you repair the lift?

To work on the “Strange Machine” in the dirt region for The Lift, you’ll need Restoration Level 2 and 3 builders. The builders will fix the machine if you drag them onto it.

In Virtual Villagers 3, how can you make it rain?

Early on, train some healers so they’ll be ready when you need them. The majority of the locals seem to die around the age of 75. After you’ve solved puzzle number 5, you’ll be able to do a weather dance to make it rain at any moment.

In Virtual Villagers 4, how do you acquire food?

Add one of each plant to the pot (sweet, spicy, and soapy). Then, from the food bin, drop a villager into the pot to add food. This should be repeated two times. Then assign one villager to gather berries, another to get yellow fruit, and still another to gather a fish.

In Virtual Villagers 3, where is the pitcher plant?

Plant with a Pitcher (Alchemy) In Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City, the Pitcher Plant is a plant. Only the Nature Faction may utilize it to create potions. After studying Level Two, the Pitcher Plant is exclusively accessible in the Nature Faction.

On Virtual Villagers 3, how do you get tech points?

You may rapidly earn tech points by making time flow quicker within the game environment. By adjusting the date on your computer clock, you can speed up the game and make the globe move quicker. Start the game by assigning one to three villagers to the research table.

In Virtual Villagers 5, how do you fill the lake?

Begin by casting two Tempest spells one after the other. This will quickly fill the lake. Then, once you’ve regained your strength, use the Revive spell to resurrect the fish. Replenishing the Lake will provide enough food for your people to last the rest of Virtual Villagers 5.

Hello, I am a bit late to the party but I am here to help you with the sharks in Virtual Villagers 3.  You can get rid of them in one of two ways.  The first is to use the seeds you get from the plants in the game.  You can use them to make a concoction that will scare away the sharks.  The second is to scare the sharks away.  There is a shark repellent potion in the game that will repel sharks.  I will leave the specifics on how to use said potion out for you but you can use the book on the bookshelf in the island hut in your village.  There are two books on there,. Read more about virtual villagers 3 food and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fish on Virtual Villagers 3?

You need to use the fishing rod.

How do you get the pink diamond in Virtual Villagers 3?

You can get the pink diamond in Virtual Villagers 3 by using a combination of the following methods: -Use the Dig tool to dig up dirt. -Use the Mine tool to mine for gems. -Find it in a treasure chest or buy it from an NPC.

How do you get the pitcher plant in Virtual Villagers 3?

You need to plant it in the ground.

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