Hi. I’m a guy who wants to learn how to get a fairy in BDO Xbox. I’ve been playing BDO Xbox, I have no idea how to get a fairy, so I need a fairy in BDO Xbox guide. If you know how to get a fairy in BDO Xbox, you can share your experience with me. I can also learn from your experience.

In BDO, you can get a fairy by doing the following: Go to the fairy event, turn around, and then click on the fairy icon. When you click on the fairy, the fairy will appear.

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The item ‘Sealed Fairy Wings’ may be used to acquire fairies. When you utilize this item, you’ll get a new fairy named Laila to join you on your adventure. A Black Spirit Quest will provide you with your first pair of Sealed Fairy Wings.

So, how does one get a fairy in BDO?

A Fairy may be acquired by completing a short quest chain and then utilizing “Sealed Fairy Wings” as an item. One Sealed Fairy Wings is obtained by finishing the quest chain, and another is obtained by turning in two of Laila’s Petal through a repeating quest. Grinding and fishing are both good ways to get Laila’s Petals.

Also, where has Fairy Queen Theiah BDO gone? Theiah, the Fairy Queen – Accept the Black Spirit’s mission and go to Kamasylve Temple in Mediah, which is north of Soldier’s Grave and east of Heidel. The Fairy Queen may be found adjacent to the node manager, Kamasylve Temple Chancellor Herawen. To finish the mission, speak with her.

How can you obtain the mystery companion quest in BDO in this manner?

From the recommendations column, choose Black Spirit Quest – Fairy Queen Theiah. To get the Fairy companion quest, you must first finish (Boss) Witch-Hunting.

  1. Honey is a powerful source of energy. Take 2 Cooking Honey so you may complete the second task.
  2. Into the Jar of Sweet Honey
  3. Laila?
  4. Mysterious Companion is a mysterious companion.

What is the best way to attract genuine fairies?

When dealing with fairies, always be polite and nice.

  1. Food is a good way to attract friars. Fairies enjoy a tasty treat.
  2. To attract fairies, plant flowers.
  3. Water may be used to attract fairies to your yard.
  4. Collect tiny gleaming objects.
  5. Make your landscape more musical.
  6. Make a fairy palace.
  7. Be generous and compassionate to animals.
  8. Take care of the environment.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the best way to obtain a fairy BDO 2019?

To get your first fairy companion, finish the fairy quest line offered by your Black Spirit at level 52. The first quest is named “Fairy Queen Theiah,” and it can be found in the Black Spirit quest window’s “Suggestions” tab.

What is BDO fairy powder?

Fairy Powder is a rare fairy powder that can only be acquired through collecting. The powder contains fairy power and may be sold to a village trader for a reasonable price.

In BDO, how can I level up my fairy?

Ornette’s Dark Wine is typically used to upgrade via the cash store. It takes ten to obtain a 100% probability of upgrading T2 to T3, and twenty-five to get a 100% chance of upgrading T3 to T4. So you’re looking at a minimum of $40-50 if you go this way. You can only increase tier (Sprouting) once they’ve reached their maximum level.

In BDO, how can you obtain Laila’s petal?

? Place a Special Honey Jar in unstable cracks outside the Kamasylve Temple region to acquire Laila’s Petal. Laila’s Petal may also be obtained through fighting enemies, gathering, or fishing. ? To interact with unstable crevices, complete the quest ‘Mysterious Companion.’

Is it true that fairies have pets?

Is it true that fairies have pets? Yes, we think they do, but not in the same way that our pets do. Fairies have caterpillars, ladybirds, and other tiny insects, while we have dogs, cats, birds, and fish. Fairies are kind to all animals and care for all living things.

What’s the best way to obtain glistening fairy wings?

Find Glimmering Fairy Wings x1 and give it to Leuheffe. Completing the ‘Mysterious Companion’ quest and presenting 2 Laila’s Petal to Laila at Kamayslve Temple will grant you fairy wings.

What is the best way to obtain honey BDO?

Honey may be extracted by separating and grinding the honey-containing portion. Honey is a common ingredient in cooking.

What is the best way to get the BDO Witch Hunting quest?

Activate the Frightening Witch Summon Scroll that the Black Spirit has given you and go to the designated location. Hexe Marie must be summoned and defeated. (You may try again by canceling and accepting the mission.) However, in order to get the quest again, you must discard the Summon Scroll.)

How can I obtain BDO honey of high quality?

Honey may be extracted by separating and grinding the honey-containing portion. Cooking of the highest caliber Honey is the result of a lot of work from the beginning of the beehive’s creation to get the purest honey possible.

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  2. Plants.
  3. Fruit / Seed
  4. Leather.
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  8. Misc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you summon a BDO fairy Xbox?

You cannot summon a BDO fairy on Xbox.

How do you get a fairy in BDO?

You can get a fairy by completing the quest The Fairy Godmother given to you by the NPC in the town of Olvia.

How do you get the first fairy in BDO?

You need to complete the quest The First Fairy which is available from the NPC in front of the entrance to the city of Valencia.

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