Honey is a sticky, sweet substance that is produced by bees and used as food for the larvae of the honey bee. The process of making honey involves extracting nectar from flowers with the help of beeswax.

Honey slime is a popular dessert in the United States. It is made by mixing honey with gelatin and coloring it with food dye. The honey slime location map will help you find a nearby location.


In light of this, where can I get honey slime?

The slime only appears in the Moss Blanket and enjoys the sweet flavor of Mint Mangoes. The Honey Plorts are the only thing of importance here since they attract neighboring slimes that attempt to devour them, which may lead to a Tarr epidemic if the rancher isn’t cautious.

How can you obtain fortunate slime, one may wonder? To find it and make it drop Newbucks, follow the sound. Lucky Slimes, like Gold Slimes, cannot be caught in the Vacpack and will flee and despawn as soon as they see the player. You must rapidly shoot Lucky Slimes with meat in order for them to drop their Newbucks money.

How can you get honey on ranche slime, anyway?

Wild Honey is a slime science resource that can only be found in The Moss Blanket if you have an apiary.

In Slime Rancher, what do Honey slimes eat?

Honey Slimes like eating fruit, with Mint Mango being their favorite. To boost your production of Honey Plorts, you’ll need to construct a Garden to produce Mint Mango, similar to Phosphor Slime.

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I’m looking for Hunter slime, but I can’t seem to locate it.

Hunter Slimes may spawn in the same biomes as Tabby Slimes.

What’s the best place to acquire slime keys?

Slime Keys may be acquired by feeding your favorite meals to wild Gordo Slimes. Gordo Slimes are massive Slimes that may be found across the map, with just one or two in any important place.

What is the preferred meal of pink slimes?

“The most frequent slimes in the Range, Range, Range are pink slimes. They’re happy, gentle, and the most straightforward of all slimes to raise. Pink slimes will consume anything you place in front of them, and their plorts are the least valued of all slimes.”

What is the best way to get Indigonium?

Indigonium is a common resource that can only be acquired using a drill and is only found in the Indigo Quarry. The mineral that gives the Indigo Quarry its name is Indigonium. Indigonium may be discovered in small amounts throughout the quarry, but the finest ore can only be found deep below.

What’s the best way to create rock slime?

Create Your Own Rock Slime

To make the slime, follow these steps: In a large mixing bowl, pour 1/4 cup glue. Stir in half of the starch using a spoon or a craft stick. Mix with the remaining half gradually. Then, using your hands, massage the slime and return it to the starch mixture for additional mixing.

Rad slimes eat what?

The Indigo Quarry and the Wilds both have rad slimes (as Saber Largos). They consume veggies, and the Oca Oca is their favorite dish. These slimes emit a rad aura (a bright green circle that surrounds them) that irradiates you.

Is slime rancher equipped with a map?

Official Launch Trailer for Slime Rancher. Changes: Added a map interface that shows you where you are on the Far, Far Range in general. The map will also keep track of any teleporters or extractors you’ve set up, as well as the total number of slime keys and treasure pods you’ve gathered in each zone.

In ranche slime, how do you obtain royal jelly?

“It’s thought that bees gather tiny deposits of slime from honey slimes and incorporate it into their royal jelly mixture.” An apiary, or extractor, is the only reliable method to get Royal Jelly. Apiaries are structures that gather materials from the environment for a predetermined number of cycles.

In Slime Rancher, where is the huge honey slime?

Location of Honey Gordo Slime

On the west end of the Moss Blanket, on top of a flower-covered plateau, you’ll discover the Honey Gordo. Drop through the hole to enter the Moss Blanket, then continue west.

What is the best way to get hexacomb?

Apiary blueprints, as well as other extractors, may be purchased at the builder’s store, discovered in treasure pods from the Glass Desert, or earned via the 7Zee Rewards Club by reaching a specific level. Hexacomb may also be discovered in the Moss Blanket’s two treasure chests and the Ancient Ruins’ one.

In ranche slime, how can you obtain weird diamonds?

You’ll want to utilize the most sophisticated drill available to locate additional Strange Diamonds. There are four distinct drill stages to choose from, each with its own pattern. Novice Drill: By default, you’ll have the blueprint for the Novice Drill. Advanced Drill: The blueprint is available in the Builder’s Shop.

In Slime Rancher, where do you place Apiaries?

Drills, apiaries, and pumps are three different kinds of extractors that all produce different materials. Slime Science Update 0.4. 1 – Implemented.

Far, Far Range
The Ranch Ogden’s Retreat • Mochi’s Manor • Viktor’s Workshop • The Grotto • The Overgrowth • The Lab • The Docks • Ogden’s Retreat • Mochi’s Manor • Viktor’s Workshop

What’s the best way to get mosaic slime?

The Glass Desert is the only place where they may be found. They may be acquired by snaring its Gordo using Gordo Snares and bursting the wild Mosaic Gordo, but once key oases have been restored, they will reproduce regularly across The Glass Desert.

How do you deal with fire slimes?

Fire slimes will consume almost any food, but only after it has been reduced to ash. An incinerator with an ash trough improvement is the only method to feed a fire slime. Fire slimes need ash to live and will soon extinguish if placed on any other surface for an extended period of time.

What is the best way to store phosphor slimes?


  1. To keep them safe on The Ranch, they must either be kept in a corral with the Solar Shield improvement or in The Grotto, which is dark.
  2. Phosphor Slimes have the ability to fly and will try to escape through the top of its corral even if it is harmful to them.

What is honey slime, exactly?

The Honey Slime is a cute yet straightforward slime. The slime only appears in the Moss Blanket and enjoys the sweet flavor of Mint Mangoes. The Honey Plorts are the only thing of importance here since they attract neighboring slimes that attempt to devour them, which may lead to a Tarr epidemic if the rancher isn’t cautious.

Can you keep Tarr slimes under control?

Tarr will eat fruits, vegetables, and slimes, but not Gold Slimes. As a result, it has the potential to spread quickly across the property. Freshwater will kill the Tarr after a few sprays, but launching them into the Slime Sea is much simpler. A Hydro Turret, which fires the approaching Tarr, may be placed to keep them at bay.

In Slime Rancher, which slime is the best?

If you’re looking for a fast overview of the worst and greatest pure-form slimes to have on your ranch, continue reading.

  1. 1 piece of gold slime Gold Slimes are the rarest slimes and have the most valuable plorts.
  2. 2 Slimes of Luck
  3. 3 Dervish Slime is a slime with the appearance of a dervish.
  4. 4 tangle slime tangle slime tangle slime tangle
  5. Hunter Slime (Level 5)
  6. 6 gallons of Quantum Slime
  7. 7 Mosaic Slime is a slime with a mosaic pattern.
  8. Crystal Slime, number eight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the honey slime in slime rancher?

The honey slime is a type of slime that can be found in the honey farm.

How do you get honey comb slime rancher?

You can get honey comb slime rancher by completing the Honeycomb Slime Rancher quest in the game.

What Plorts can Honey slimes eat?

Honey slimes cannot eat Plorts.