Fruits and vegetables are often expensive to ship, especially when they are perishable. Yet, it is possible to ship fresh produce via UPS. As long as the produce is not perishable, then it can be shipped via UPS. UPS is able to ship perishable produce, such as fruits and vegetables, since they are already frozen.

UPS, FedEx, UPS (USA), FedEx (USA) – these are just a few of the thousands of carriers that ship all over the world. And if you think that your fruit or vegetables are no different to any of them, you would be wrong.

So you’ve got a bunch of fruit that you want to send out for a party or because you need to. Maybe you want to ship it to a friend because they’re sick and you want to send them some food. Maybe you just want some fruit shipped to you because you’re missing out on the fresh taste of the season. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure you’re doing it right.

To save travel time, ship perishables as soon as possible.

Plan for a maximum transit duration of 30 hours for optimum outcomes. Though UPS 2nd Day Air® delivery may be acceptable for goods that need little temperature control, UPS Next Day Air® service is recommended.

Is it possible to send fruit through USPS?

Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh or frozen meat or seafood, and live plants (usually mailable domestically, but may be subject to quarantine/refusal depending on state legislation; check with your local Post Office for current status.)

What is the best way to transport fruit? Wrap each fruit in tissue or brown packing paper and put it in a single layer on top of the insulated bubble wrap that has been prepared. Fill up any gaps with packing peanuts. Then, on top of the fruit, put a box lining sheet. Stack fruit and InsulTote box liners until the box is fully filled.

Is it also possible to send paint through UPS?

Variations in UPS. General: All hazardous materialsshippers must use a UPS-compliant shipping solution in combination with hazardous materialsshipment preparation software to handle their shipments. CAO shipments of goods that are not classified as Class 9 need a separate contract.

Is it possible to send alcohol through UPS?

Shipments of beer or alcohol to consumers are not accepted by UPS. UPS only allows beer and alcohol shipments inside and between certain states. The ability to transport wine is determined by the type of the shipper’s wine-selling license as well as the regulations of the destination states.

Answers to Related Questions

Is it possible to send perishable goods through USPS?

Perishable goods may be delivered through USPS if extra measures are taken during the packaging process. Keep in mind that perishable mail is defined by the USPS as being sent at your own risk. Your item’s packaging must satisfy the specified criteria regardless of whether it comes under the ‘perishable’ category.

Is it possible to mail frozen food through USPS?

Refrigeration services are not provided by USPS®. You may transport frozen goods using packaging materials such as Dry Ice at your own risk and in accordance with the section on Dry Ice in Publication 52. For shipping goods that need refrigeration, Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express® services are suggested.

Is it possible to send food through UPS?

Though UPS 2nd Day Air® delivery may be acceptable for goods that need little temperature control, UPS Next Day Air® service is recommended. Ship early enough in the week to avoid having your cargo wait over the weekend.

Is it possible to send perfume through USPS?

Fragrances may only be delivered through ground transportation, such as ParcelPost, according to the USPS. They cannot be delivered by air through expedited services such as Priority Mail or Express Mail due to their combustible nature.

Is it allowed to send fruit via mail?

Unless you have a special permission, it is unlawful to export products abroad. However, it is allowed to transport certain fruits from one state to another inside the United States. Before shipping fresh fruit, double-check the state-by-state laws in both the sending and receiving states.

How do you transport perishable goods?

Start by placing perishable items in sealed containers and storing them in an insulated box inside a liner bag. Then, to keep the goods cool, add frozen ice packs to the box.

Is it possible to send dry ice through USPS?

a bag of dry ice (Carbon Dioxide Solid)

When dry ice is used as a refrigerant to chill the contents of a mailable hazardous or nonhazardous item, it is allowed to be delivered in domestic mail, provided that all relevant criteria in 349 are fulfilled.

Is it possible to send liquids via mail?

Liquids That Are Allowed

Liquids that are nonflammable and nonhazardous may be sent if they are enclosed in a watertight container. Make a note on the outside container indicating it contains liquid, so postal workers are aware of the contents within. Liquids should not be sent with just a friction-top or push-down seal.

Is it possible to send liquids through UPS?

UPS does a poor job of explaining its particular regulations for transporting liquids. Items that are prohibited by UPS.

What is the UPS hazmat fee?

For domestic UPS® Air Services, the Hazardous Materials fee will rise to $5.00 for accessible dangerous goods and $2.50 for inaccessible dangerous goods. The UPS® Standard to/from Canada Dangerous Goods fee will rise by $1.25 per shipment or $0.13 per box.

Is it possible to send olive oil through UPS?

Olive oil is being sent as a gift.

The bulk of courier service companies do not advocate shipping liquids. However, by selecting the appropriate packing materials and properly securing the bottles during transit, you may prevent any damage and guarantee safe delivery.

What can’t UPS deliver?

Restricted Items at UPS

Regardless of where you’re delivering to, here’s UPS’ list of prohibited items: AlcoholicBeverages. Non-domesticated animal products, non-domesticated, non-domesticated, non-domesticated, non-domesticated, non- Articles have a high/unusual monetary worth.

What is the cost of overnight shipping?


Price to begin Ship Time USPS Tracking® is a service provided by USPS.
$25.50 (retail & online) $22.68 (commercial)1 Guaranteed Overnight2 Included
$7.35 (retail & online) $6.95 (commercial)1 1-3 days6 Included
$0.383 (retail) $0.55 (commercial) 1 1-3 days Involved (Packages only)
7.35 dollars (at retail) 2-8 days Included

Is it possible to send chilled goods through FedEx?

FedEx Express requires perishable goods going inside the United States to be packed to survive a minimum transit duration of 24 hours longer than the delivery promise. For step-by-step packaging instructions, see the PackagingPerishable Shipments guide.

What is the best way to send a package?


  1. If you want to save money on shipping, go for Retail Ground.
  2. Pay a fixed fee for Priority Mail regardless of the package’s weight.
  3. For the quickest delivery, choose Express Mail.
  4. Envelopes weighing less than 13 ounces should be sent through First-Class Mail (370 g).
  5. Use Material Mail to send books, CDs, and other media.

What’s the best way to transport cherries?

Place the cooler in the cardboard box and mail it, ideally using a service that can deliver the package in two days or less. You may place ice packs in the bottom of the cooler for lengthy trips, then newspaper, cherries, newspaper, then more ice packs. This will assist in keeping the cherries cool.

What is the cost of shipping chilled food?

Regardless, you should expect to pay anything between $30 to $150 for a typical 2-3 pound box, depending on what you’re shipping, where it’s going, and how quickly you need it to arrive.

What is the best way to transport a cake?

The Best Way to Ship a Cake

  1. Fill a fitted styrofoam mailer halfway with the cake.
  2. To keep the cake fresh, wrap it in frozen cold packs.
  3. In a strong cardboard box, place the styrofoam mailer.
  4. Use high-quality packaging tape to secure the package.
  5. Make a mark on the box’s outside.
  6. Send your dessert on its way.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a great delivery service for most of our packages. But, if you’re shipping fruit, there are a few things you need to consider. Fruit is heavy. This can cause problems during delivery. And, it can make fruit expensive. Just ask a UPS driver.. Read more about can you ship frozen food through fedex and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship fruit via USPS?

Yes, you can ship fruit via USPS.

Can you mail fruit to another state?

Yes, you can mail fruit to another state.

How do you pack fruit for shipping?

Fruit should be packed in a container that is not more than 2 inches deep and 3 inches wide. The container should have a lid or cover to prevent fruit from drying out.