Marimo moss balls don’t need to be poisonous to be dangerous. The moss balls (also known as ‘balls’) are a type of white shelled algae known as a ‘hydrophyte’. They are unique to Japan and are often mistaken for a type of a ‘plankton’. The marimo moss balls are able to adapt to survive in the most adverse of environments and are able to survive in the coldest of waters.

Marimo are a species of Japanese moss balls that can be found in lakes and ponds around the world. These moss balls are actually benign; they don’t contain any toxins. Marimo are actually considered a completely safe addition to our waterways, but it’s important to note that they can be a bit elusive. They are also not easy to find, so you can’t just go to your local park and search for them! If you do find one, you can purchase them at many online retailers. They have a lifespan of 15-20 years.

Marimo moss balls, also known as Kouchibari balls,  are some of the most adorable and unique creatures in the world. Originating in Japan, these balls are actually living marine organisms that are found in the cold waters of the northern Pacific Ocean.

Marimo are pets, not food:

In theory, Marimo foam balls are harmless when eaten, but in practice they work much better as decorations. Marimo moss balls are certainly attractive food for goldfish and other bottom dwellers, so owners should keep them in a separate tank reserved for algae.


Are Marimo foam balls still toxic to cats?

Completely non-toxic plants include beautiful orchids, lovely air plants, ferns, peperomia, calathea and lovely marimba balls. You can buy plants that are safe for pets. Cats and dogs are different animals, but they tend to chew on plants for similar reasons. Usually it’s because they are bored or not sufficiently stimulated.

Also: Why is my Marimo foam ball falling apart? Marimo turns black and/or disintegrates Marimo unfortunately sometimes starts to decompose from the inside, especially when it has been covered by hostile algae for a long time or when it is just too big to allow clean water to reach the inside.

This begs the question: Can the Marimo foam ball die?

Yes, the Marimo will reproduce with the if kept in a large water tank. However, it is not recommended that you pass on your Moss Ball Pets™. Very often you can damage it and therefore it can die.

Is it possible to have too many marimo foam balls?

If you place too many moss balls in the aquarium, they may shade each other, causing some moss balls to die or turn brown. You should also not put too many moss balls in the aquarium, otherwise they will not get enough nutrients in the water to grow properly.

Answers to related questions

How many Marimo balls are there in a gallon?

Normally, there should be at least 1 to 3 scoops of foam per gallon of. So the number depends on the -gallons. Let’s see how they compare. You can review Giant Marimo foam balls on Amazon.

How do you keep foam balls alive?

Here are some tips to keep them green and healthy.

  1. TO GET THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF LIGHT. Because Marimos grow in cool lakes underwater, they need light, but not direct sunlight.
  2. CHANGE THE WATER. Change the water every fortnight with ordinary tap water.
  3. THE MOVEMENT OF THE WATER. Marimo foam balls grow naturally into a round shape.

How much is a foam ball worth?

Marimoballs grow very slowly and usually cost around £10 in pet shops.

What do you feed the Marimo foam balls?

✔ EASY TO USE — Just feed LUFFY Ball Food once a week. Once a week, apply a few drops to your Marimo Mossball . After one week, change 50% of the water in the aquarium and repeat the cycle. When you have done this, gently press the marimosa foam ball to prepare it to receive the food.

Do foam balls need air?

TheMarimo bulbs are excellent for aquariums, but can also be successfully stored in glass bowls, bottles, vases and various other containers. Marimo do not require air, so they can survive in airtight containers. You can gently squeeze Marimo by holding it under water to release the air bubbles .

Are cat grow lights harmful?

Sometimes the damage can be irreparable, so you should consider this before buying LED grow lights. Absorption of ultraviolet radiation over a long period of time can also lead to cancer. It can be harmful to our eyes, our skin and our nervous system. It can also affect your pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, sparrows and many others.

Why does my foam ball float?

Why do my Marimo balls float? It’s likely that there is an air bubble in your Marimo balls that makes them float! Gently squeeze the marimba balls to release the air bubble. Marimos usually sink to the bottom of the aquarium within 1 to 2 days of being placed in the aviary.

Can you cut a marimba ball in half?

The good news is that marimba balls multiply very easily. Just squeeze the water out of the foam ball and cut it in half with a knife or scissors. Roll the new lumps in your hands into small balls and tie them with cotton sewing thread to keep their shape.

How many scoops of Marimo foam per gallon?

A pack of 6 Luffy Nano Marimo foam balls is enough for a gallon or even a 2.5 gallon aquarium. For 5 gallon aquariums we recommend using at least ten Marimo Nano balls and for a 10 gallon aquarium at least 20-30 balls are needed to achieve a significant effect (depending on the number of fish).

Can Marimo live in tap water?

Your Marimo friends grow in tap water at room temperature, provided you change the water every one to two weeks. 1* They do not float unless you push the water out . 2* This is NOT a moss, but a very special kind of ALGEA.

Does the moss need food?

Domesticated marimoballs are very easy to maintain and ideal for beginners. They can live with all types of fish and are ideal for low-tech, sparsely populated aquariums. They do not need food or fertilizer because they produce food themselves through photosynthesis.

Do you clean the foam balls?

To clean the water tank foam, fill the bucket with purified, dechlorinated water suitable for the aquarium. If you have a seawater tank, you must also add ½ cup of sea salt per 1 gallon of water. Then dip the foam ball into the water and squeeze it a few times to remove the collected dirt.

Why is my moss tree dying?

tcamos said: They need pretty bright light and will turn brown and die if they don’t get it. They also need a greater water supply, and if they don’t get it, other forms of algae accumulate on their surface, which can lead to browning and death of .

How many foam balls do I need?

You should not give them too much, so that they can develop sufficiently. As a rule of thumb, you should use 1 to 3 scoops of foam per gallon of water.

Are foam balls pets?

Moss Balls is a low maintenance pet that allows a teenager to learn the basics of pet care. In the Marimo aquarium, the water only needs to be changed once a month, but Buskai says that a longer period is also possible – the foam balls are not too difficult.

How to place a foam ball in an aquarium

Just place foam balls in the aquarium and let them float or sink to the bottom. Marimo Moss Ball will find a place and stay there. They can be kept individually, in small groups or even in large groups if space permits. They grow very slowly and in favourable conditions they increase significantly in size over time.

Can foam pellets kill fish?

Absorbs nitrates and other pollutants

Nitrates are a byproduct of fish excrement and are harmless to most healthy fish at concentrations below 30 ppm, but over time their levels increase and can cause stress and kill your fish. Like living plants, moss balls absorb nitrates. But – as with plants – this is usually not a very large amount.

How can we make Marimo grow faster?

Is there any way to make my Marimo – grow faster than? Marimo grow slowly – be patient. However, lowering the water temperature, improving water quality and applying fertilizer in very dilute amounts can help. More light means more growth, but be careful not to overcook Marimo under direct light.Marimo balls, also known as “Japanese moss balls” are small balls of soft, light green algae. The algae are called “Marimo balls” due to their unique shape, which resembles a small ball of moss. These balls are popular in Japanese culture, as it is believed that they bring good luck.. Read more about betta buddy marimo ball and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can moss balls carry disease?

No, moss balls do not carry disease.

Are moss balls toxic to humans?

No, moss balls are not toxic to humans.

Can a Marimo moss ball die?

No, Marimo moss balls are not able to die.